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5 Steps to prevent Crypto Virus Ransomware

Just like any virus, CryptoWall directly infects the host computer, connects to servers, uploads personal info such as your location, IP address, and your systems information, while it generates an encryption key. Once the virus has generated a key, it uses it to create encrypted versions of your files while deleting the originals. It can do this to files on your local system as well as shared files on the network. Some variants can even encrypt cloud files and delete backups! All that’s left behind are randomly named encrypted files, and instructions on how to pay the ransom to restore your files.

5 Ways to Defend Your Business from CryptoWall Attacks

1. Have a trusted IT professionals at Gear 3 assess the security of your systems.
2. Implement a sound disaster recovery plan.

3. Do not open ANY email or attachment from ANY sender you don’t recognize.

4. Validate ANY link in ANY unfamiliar email before clicking on it.

5. Do not add unknown systems on your network without consulting with Gear 3 Technologies
With constant updated security measures and persistence, threats like CryptoWall can be minimized. Accidents can happen, which is why a implementing a strong backup plan is critical for your business.