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Get into the Cloud with GEAR 3!

Today’s technology is evolving fast and it’s good to be on the forefront with our professional Cloud Hosting solutions. Gear 3 offers Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Managed Hosting, and as always, affordable and reliable standard shared hosting for your email, website and ftp all in our State-of-the-art-facility. VPS/Cloud hosting is the preferred solution for small to medium sized businesses who host their servers with confidence on our network. When you require professional platform for your hosting needs and you have outgrown a shared hosting solution, a VPS is the right solution and the logical next step.

Cloud Hosting: Hosting in the Cloud allows you to be flexible, scalable and agile in today’s quick moving business world. We can host your server or both your server and workstations in the cloud. You get your VPS (Virtual Private Server) with dedicated resources, redundant storage, top-notch redundant network/internet connection, and as always the best IT support.

Dedicated Server Hosting: Dedicated hardware for your hosting needs is always available from Gear 3 – we can save you a bundle by leasing you the hardware and lower you initial investment.

VPS Hosting: Get a “slice” of a larger enterprise grade hosted server and save money with a Virtual Private Server

Managed Hosting and IT services: Not only do we supply the hardware, hosting and support. We can also provide a fully managed solutions and IT services.

We tailor fit the cloud/hosted solution you need with the appropriate service level needed to make your technology work for you. Another huge benefit of going to the cloud in little or no Capital Expenditure– you get professional grade servers, network and bandwidth with an affordable monthly payment. NO CAP EX! And if you need to upgrade because your business grows our hosted solutions are scalable and we can easily up your server/network resources when needed, without hassle of literally upgrading the hardware inside your in-house server.

Speak to our knowledgeable IT specialist today about the best IT solution for your business!