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Online Backup Solutions

Online / Off-site Professional Grade Data Backup Service

dedicated serversThe primary concern of every business owner is to keep their business up and running even in the event of an emergency such as a fire, flood or theft. Protecting the computer files and databases accumulated since the day you first opened your doors is especially vital. The simple answer is keeping your data off-site and secure is essential.

The Gear 3 Online Backup, archiving and recovery service is a powerful, yet simple to use solution. Gear 3 Online Backup comes equipped with encryption backup tools previously available only to Fortune 500 companies, but with an interface designed to be use by anyone in any size organization. This proven technology is user-friendly, reliable, secure and cost-effective.

Some of the key features of our professional backup solution are:

Simple Installation – our technicians can install software for you or you can do it yourself

Automatic Backup – schedule backup to fit your unique needs

Off-site storage – geographically dispersed in several enterprise level datacenters

Scalability – as your needs change the solution will too

File Restoration – easy restoration of all your data or a single file

Security – encrypted data stored in 2 Level 4 Security data centers, SSL transmission

File compression – saves storage space/costs as well as increasing security

Exchange & SQL plug-ins – Ability to backup database applications, which is an enterprise grade feature

Log, Reports, Email notifications – list of other features that make it a simple decision

Top-Notch Technical Support – Gear 3 technicians can support you with your off-site backup

SAS 70 Certified – A standard in compliance needed by many financial businesses

Notifications – Email alerts, logs, reports and integration with remote monitoring software, make it a simple decision!

Gear 3’s online backup offers enterprise level features that is affordable, scalable, and secure!


Disaster Recovery and Imaging Services

Gremlins_illustrator_disasterHaving an effective data backup plan is not always enough in today’s fast paced environment. Your business should also have a Disaster Recovery solution in place. Having a Disaster Recovery plan implemented can be the difference between a business with a bright future and one that loses days of productivity, not to mention money. Gear 3 understands the needs of organizations of all sizes when it comes to disaster recovery and bare metal restore — and provides state-of-the-art technology to ensure businesses continue to operate with minimal interruption.

Speak to a Gear 3 representative about a DR plan that is right for your business.