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Data Recovery


Gear 3 works with all data recovery scenarios including, but not limited to:

Hard drives not mounting on the desktop or not being recognized by the operating system
Drives that make clicking noises and patterns
Drives with burned chips on the logic board
Invalid catalog trees or FAT table partitions
Drives that won’t spin up due to electronic failure or frozen spindles
Drives that were ghosted with another operating system
Drives with physical damage, such as being dropped
Drives with fire or flood damage
Other problems such as deleted files, formatted disks, or virus attacks.

Whatever your situation, Gear 3’s team of IT professionals is dedicated to helping you get your data back, whatever it takes!

Gear 3 utilizes industry standard tools for rescuing data, as well as being an Authorized DriveSaver Partner, the authority in Data Recovery. If your drive needs to go to DriveSavers, and you will receive 10% off DriveSavers price. So you’ll save by simply mentioning Gear 3 or after the quote is given you can give our Partner code: DS13549 and the data recovery representative will take 10% of your bill!