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Network wiring and Voice cabling

Gear 3’s Expert network wiring  includes, premise wiring, structure cabling, network infrastructure design & certification.

Office move? We will have you wired and tested right– so you are ready for the big moving day.

Considering we have been in the internet and telecommunications business for over a decade it goes without saying that we can not only provide professional network/technical services, but also install top-notch premise wiring infrastructure that will serve your business’ LAN for a lifetime.

We provide clean, organized data and voice drops along with professional grade patch panels, wire chases, jacks, conduit, etc.

Our expert installers will plan your network including blueprints prior to installation and you can rest assured you will have appropriate wire grade (cat5, 5e, 6, 7, fiber optics, coaxial, shielded, plenum, non-plenum, etc) correct fiber uplinks if needed, affordable professional open or lockable racks and cabinets, and cable management solutions. And when installation is complete we will test each drop to make sure it meets or exceeds industry standards such TIA, ANSI and ISO.

We also will install and mount server racks, patch panels, network switches, perform runs for: fiber, cat5/cat6, coax, video, hdmi, and any other communication medium you may need for your business.

We will install the backbone of your network to very high standards and it won’t break your budget.  We will look at your immediate goals and also take into account your future growth and technological advancements that may impact your wiring requirements.

Wiring service we perform:
• Network wiring CAT5/6
• Audio/Video Distribution
• Conference Table Data Systems
• Patch Panel installation & termination
• Coax, Fiber and HDMI runs
• Testing & Certification of your network wiring
• Open and closed server rack installation
• Voice and Telephone cabling
  (also consider Gear 3’s VoIP solutions)
• Corrugated tubing and conduit installation

Speak with a knowledgeable Gear 3 representative about networking your office!