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Computer Networking

Network Design and Implementation

Gear 3 Technologies will connect your office computers to each other, then connect them to the rest of the world! We are experienced in both wired and wireless architecture and protocols that ensure a network design that is user friendly, stable, and secure (keeping hackers out)! We’ll not only protect your data from attacks, but also create a harmonious environment in a Mac/PC/Linux world. Gear 3 Technologies has the knowledge as well as the hardware and software utilities to optimize and maintain your network.
Office wiring

Gear 3 offers premise network wiring for all your data and voice needs, expert management of routers and switches and of course configuration of all your network nodes (servers, workstations, printers, IP surveillance cameras, access points, etc).

Wireless setup and configurations

Gear 3 is also skilled with wireless solutions, whether it is a straightforward wifi connection inside your office that is configured and secured, or a wireless WAN solution- connection two buildings with wireless bridges. We are well versed in wireless networking