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Email Continuity



Gear 3’s Email Continuity & Security Services enables businesses to do all of what Email Defense service provides plus the ability to provide Email copntinuity.

Email continuity service filters spam, viruses, and other email-borne threats on both inbound and outbound mail. But that’s just the start, this service also provides your email with integrated continuity – allowing your employees to continue to access and respond to email – even when your email infrastructure/server is down or offline! It is a mail backup/continuity for those disastrous times. Handle downtime in stride with this service and because this is a hosted solution it utilizes multiple servers in multiple locations thus making it better than a stand alone or any on-premise solution.

In today’s fast moving business world, email is more important then ever and always needs to be accessible.  We all know there are times when interruptions occur that take your email server off-line; upgrades may be needed, maintenance is required, natural disasters can strike, power outages can occur, and of course internet outages. At an affordable price Gear 3 Email Continuity Service gives you the ability to still manage your email– the ability to send and receive within a control panel. This is how backup mail solutions should work during these inevitable email server down times. Our hosted Email Continuity service is the intelligent step towards securing business continuity.

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