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Email Defense – Spam Filter

GEAR 3’s Email Defense- Email Filter Services

Gear 3 is proud to offer our clients a professional email filtering services for protecting you from viruses and spam. We provide enterprise level anti-spam and anti-virus email protection for your users and intercepts harmful messages before they get to your network. This filter is hosted and will keep a “spam blast” load off of your server’s resources and in our robust enterprise facility.

Each user receives a daily update directing them to their Web-based message center so that they can review all of the mail that’s been blocked. If a user wants to have something delivered that’s been blocked, simply click on the message and push the deliver button.

Email Defense delivers preemptive threat prevention that identifies connection and content threats before they can reach your corporate network. Email Defense stops spam, phishing, viruses, directory harvest attacks, and more with patented, multi-layer technology that delivers unmatched intrusion prevention and protection for email.

Easy to use:
Users get the flexibility and convenience of examining quarantined emails and self-managing acceptable communications within limits set by the administrators.


Subscription based email defense | Ultimate Email Defense Solution | Enterprise-Level Threat management

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