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Leased Servers

Not that many years ago clients would host their own servers in their office or co-locate them in a datacenter. They would spend a lot of money on infrastructure, expensive servers and licensing, backup internet, backup batteries, on-site support calls for issues and the list goes on and on. Some still do but there is a better option– Leasing your server and software technology.

Simply put, you rent on a monthly/contractual basis as opposed to buying outright.

Benefits of leasing server hardware:

  • lowered up-front capital expenditures, no hardware to buy
  • hardware support included on leased servers
  • current generation server hardware
  • dedicated bandwidth available without an longterm contracts with speeds that range from 10mbps to several gigabit
  • hardware resources stocked on site and available to scale your leased server at any time, no waiting for shipping
The technology world is moving more towards leasing hosted servers as this takes a majority of responsibilty out of the client’s hands and gives more control/access to the technology team.
Leasing is not for everyone but more and more companies are opting for this arrangement.
Speak with a Gear 3 representative and discuss if leasing will benefit your business.