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Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Now, more than ever, your organization requires cost-effective and flexible communication tools.  With Microsoft Exchange email and Gear 3 Technologies you can achieve that goal today! Professional hosting and support of the industry standard email solution.

Unified Device Sync
Streamline your business communication!  With Microsoft Exchange email, any changes you make on one device automatically sync with your other devices.  Delight in the comfort of having your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone in constant contact/sync with each other and the ease of navigating an integrated set of mail, contacts, and calendar.  With Microsoft Exchange and Gear 3 Technologies, all of your devices communicate using one hosted platform.

Email remains on server, redundancy built in
Your mail is on the server as well as your devices, so in event of lost phone or hard drive failure on you computer, you can setup your mail app and get right back to work with new computer/device. With other mail servers mail is stored on your computer and in event of failure you run risk of losing email if you are not backing up regularly.

Outlook Web Access
Access your email anywhere using Outlook Web Access.  Microsoft’s unparalleled web mail solution allows you the ability to have a full version of Outlook wherever there is an Internet connection.  Whether you are traveling abroad or just down the street, rejoice in the ability to access your entire mailbox, calendar, contacts, folders, and out-of-office alerts!

Extended Security
With a growing number of applications and devices having access to your email it is crucial to protect your communication infrastructure.  In addition to Microsoft’s built-in security, Gear 3 Technologies offers a complete array of intrusion protection and assessment options at both the network and host level.

Microsoft Exchange shared calendar is a great way to stay organized and in touch with an active workforce.  Allow users to edit or view a unified calendar so each employee can stay up-to-date with daily activities.

Microsoft Exchange compare to POP3:
Microsoft  Exchange is the server that stores your email, calendar, contacts, and files centrally, they are available anytime, and can be securely accessed from any computer or mobile device. It is best for a person who has multiple devices, such as iPhone, iPad and computer.
Exchange server stores your email locally on your computer, as well as the server. This design allows you to stay in Sync with your Mobile Devices. For example if you send email from phone, you will have a records of it on your computer.

Now, POP3 stores local copies of emails in the device where you access the mails from and deletes the originals from the server, the emails are tied to that specific device and cannot be accessed via any webmail or any separate client on other computers. POP3 does not allow Sharing and Collaboration. If you use different devices to access your POP3 email, you will not see emails which came through to a different/secondary device.

If you are using more than one device to access your mails, need shared contacts, calendars, collaboration within your company or your business relies on documents and information exchange via email and/or work from multiple locations, use mobile devices– Microsoft Exchange would be the preferred choice! Simply put, it helps increase productivity, as well as it provides more timely and accurate communication with your customers.

To learn more about the reliability and performance of Microsoft Exchange email please contact Gear 3 representative today!