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Managed Anti Virus

“Safe-guard your computer systems today
Affordable enterprise level Anti Virus”

Managed Antivirus, based upon award winning Enterprise Software (ICSA and VB100 certified) gives
IT administrators the ability to manage the company’s network security from one easy to use centralized
web-based point of control; accessible anywhere, anytime.

A files and folders based solution, Managed Antivirus is installed on each endpoint and runs scans locally
(so no sensitive data leaves the network) offering real-time protection against viruses, spyware,
worms, Trojans, bots and other malware, including zero-day threats. It also discovers and disables
malicious hidden processes, threats, modules, services, files and alternate data streams (ADS) on user
systems. Leveraging multiple detection methods to analyze files.
The Managed Antivirus agent is optimized to scan for security threats
without hogging system resources or slowing down the performance
of the device, even during scans and updates. So users generally don’t
even notice the program is running.
All aspects of the protection provided by the Managed Antivirus agent
are controlled via configuration polices including the schedule and
type of scan, definition file update frequency, the action taken when a
threat is discovered, the scanning behavior when a USB drive is inserted
as well as permitted user / agent interaction.