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Email Defense Login Instructions

Email Defense Login Instructions, Digest Report, and Spam filtering preferences:

To Login:

You can easily login into your email filter “Control Panel” a number of ways:

1. From any web browser by going to: eportal.gear3.com .

2. Enter your user name and password to access the control panel.

* Your user name and default password is provided in the “Gear 3 New Email Defense Filter Welcome message” you received when you signed up for our Email Defense.

**Your password can be changed in the Gear 3 ePortal control panel under preferences.

What is “Digest Report”:

You will receive a report each day titled “Digest Report” which is a list of quarantined messages deemed as spam or unsafe. If a message was incorrectly quarantined and needs to be released to your mailbox, simply hit the “release” button in the Digest email next to the message.  The filter works very well, as it quickly learns what is legitimate and what is not.


From within this Digest you can access your personal and private Control Panel in which you have ability to approve (whitelist) or deny senders (blacklist), manage your spam filtering preferences such as how aggressive you want to filter spam, how often you want your Digest report delivery, etc.

Need more Help:

If you need further instructions on how to use your Email Defense Filter select the “Support” tab in your Gear 3 ePortal control panel.

And as always if further technical service/support is required or you would like our Help desk technicians to assist you in handling your individual Email Defense settings/service — we are always here to help.

Simply contact your Account representative or call 609-252-1155 or send an email to support@gear3.com.

Thank you,
Gear 3 Support & Help Desk Team