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Email Spoofing

Spoofing occurs when an email header has been changed to make the email appear that it is coming from someone other than the actual sender.

Unfortunately, spammers spoof someone’s email address to send spam out to large email lists that often contain many “bad” addresses. So the spoofed person gets all the email bounces backs returned to their “real” email account.

The email account is typically not hacked or compromised- it is simply that the spammer spoofed or faked your email in their header and you are getting the repercussions from this large email blast. Most time they send out a blast then move on to spoof another email account. The bounce back messages will eventually die out but are a huge inconvenience and interruption in your inbox.

One way to lessen, but unfortunately not totally prevent, spoofing is to implement SPF records. But since not all recipient mail servers perform SPF checks in is not a full-proof solution. But it is wise to to add an SPF record to your domain’s DNS settings. An SPF record is used to qualify which email servers are ‘allowed’ to send mail on behalf of your domain but again if the recipient email server doesn’t support SPF records the mail will be accepted and you will get the bounce backs from that server.

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