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How to manage or login to your dedicated Web Server

NOTE: The majority of our servers are managed by us and a Gear 3 technician will gladly perform server management/changes, etc. Administering your own server is a task that should not be taken lightly. But we understand many parties are capable of managing their own servers. But understand, by accepting root access and assuming the responsiblity of managing your own server, please be aware that you also assuming the responbility of any fees associated with Gear 3 technicians, should they be needed, in assisting ANY issues to rectify ANY server configuration/management issues. Call and speak to a representative to determine best route if you are not certain and want to accept this responsibility.

Your dedicated web server may host many domains/websites. so to manage the server you go to any site on that server and to access this administrative area/Web Host Manager simply open up your favorite web browser and go to:


(Obviously, one of your domain name goes in place of “your_domain_name.com”)

When your account was created you received the “root” user name and password. This may have been given to you verbally or through a emailed “Welcome Message”.

If you need further support or assistance, please contact our tech support at 609-252-1155

Thank you for choosing Gear 3 Technologies!