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How to manage your voicemail settings

Some phone will have a “voicemail button” programmed, if you have this you can use that button. Otherwise, if  you are using the extension in which you want to manage, simply dial *97 and enter your extension password, you will enter your Voicemail (VM) settings, here you can record your “Away”  message, your “On the other line” message, a “Temporary Greeting”, which is great for vacation time.

If you are not using the phone/extension you want to manage/record, you simply dial *98 from another phone in the office and enter your Extension first then your Extension password.

NOT in the office?
If you are not in the office and need to manage your voicemail, you simply call your extension (or extension you are trying to manage) and while the greeting is playing hit the * key and enter your voicemail password, you will then have the attendant/prompts to manage your voicemail from outside the office.

As always if you need any assistance, please let us know.