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How to access your website’s control panel

Gear 3 uses a web hosting control panel, appropriately titled “cPanel” it is one of the most popular web hosting control panels- this control panel is used to manage your hosting account, VPS service, certain cloud servers, FTP accounts, Email passwords, forwards, etc.

When your account was created you received a “site admin” user name and password. This is the account that manages your service/server. This may have been given to you verbally or through a emailed “Welcome Message”.

To access this web hosting control panel (cPanel) you simply open up your favorite web broswer and go to:


(Obviously, your domain name goes in place of “your_domain_name.com”)

You will now be inside cPanel and can make appropriate changes. If you are not comfortable with this control panel or making changes to website and email, please have our technicians make these changes for you. As obviously changes can sometimes produce unexpected results.

If you need further IT support or assistance, please contact our tech support help desk at 609-252-1155

Thank you for choosing Gear 3 Technologies!