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Why Managed Services Simply Makes Sense

Managed Services Simply Makes Sense for Small to Medium Size Businesses.

The break-fix IT model can be stressful and unpredictable not to mention expensive when a problem arises. When your technology unexpectedly breaks down, you shouldn’t have to have a fire drill just to keep your business operations running. But unfortunately that is the way break/fix works, when something breaks you scramble to get things up and running again.

Break/fix is a completely reactive approach which simply doesn’t meet today’s high-paced business standards that rely heavily on technologies and systems to always be on-line and functioning optimally. However, thanks to the proactive approach of Managed IT services, the break-fix model can be a thing of the past and we can implement measures that stop small issues from becoming large issues and ultimately keep your systems running well.web design

Unlike Enterprise Level businesses, which possess generous IT budgets and an in-house IT staff, your SMB has finite resources which can restrict your freedom to implement quality, new, high-end enterprise technology solutions…and adding a full-time Level 3 IT Person to your payroll is simply not financially practical. When you outsource your IT to Gear 3 Technologies, you benefit from the ability of having enterprise level IT management software tools at a cost that makes sense. Under our Managed Service platform you will have more time and capital to invest in other parts of your business, while letting the experts maintain and manage your IT.

As a business leader, you want your staff working on company initiatives which improve the business. Staff should not be spending valuable time learning and troubleshooting incompatibilities and other issues that constantly arise in the hectic world of IT. Outsourcing your IT to professional technicians will allow your staff to focus valuable time on what matters most–improving operations and coming up with new and profitable initiatives. You’ll be surprised by how… much time and money you can save by having professional IT technicians on hand to and consult with and resolve problems.

When your technology fails it can have disastrous effects on your business’s bottom line. Managed IT Services are designed to help detect and prevent issues with your infrastructure, rather than respond to major problems as they come up with little or no information.

Some of the most common managed IT services include remote management and maintenance, managed Anti-virus, network security, data backup and disaster recovery, email and server hosting, and so much more. All of these services require some sort of technical expertise, and outsourcing them to a qualified managed service provider is often the best choice.

Here are some great reasons you should consider outsourcing your IT maintenance:

Decreased capital expenses: Fixed flat rate per month. Managed IT is like transforming all of your technology maintenance and management into operating expenses. Instead of large, up-front capital costs for new technology solutions, your business can benefit from the economic freedom of only spending a fraction of these costs every month, providing more flexibility with your budget. Even new hardware can be added to the fixed-monthly cost saving a business in valuable cash-flow.

Proactive Monitoring: Proactive 24/7/365 monitoring of Servers, Workstations and Network simply reduces downtime and keeps your systems healthy.

Proactive Updates and Patch management: Keeping your systems updates is imperative, this will do wonders for keeping your IT infrastructure solid.

Access to Expert knowledge, experience and advice: Our technicians and consultants have been in the business for many years and are a great wealth of wisdom and have the competency to roll out IT projects.

Increased IT flexibility: It’s one thing to not have an internal IT team and outsource these responsibilities directly, but it’s another altogether to provide assistance to your dedicated internal IT department. If you do have an internal IT department, chances are they can use some expert assistance in one area or another from time to time and Gear 3 is here to help.

Few other benefits that really make sense: Overall Improved Security for your infrastructure, Inventory Management and Reports for compliance requirements are provided. Additionally, you get Remote and Onsite Support with Managed Services, Monitored online/off-site backup that informs us of failures, so you don’t realize your backup wasn’t working when you really need it, Centralized Support and Accountability- you have a single point of contact for all issues that may arise.

Will your business move on from the antiquated, reactive break/fix method of managing technology? Will your business remain stuck in the past, and unable to move forward and grow as rapidly as your competitors? The simple fact remains–fully outsourced IT Managed Services is the ideal way for small and medium-sized businesses to best handle technology solutions.

Speak with a Gear 3 representative and design a Managed Services plan that works best for you and your business!