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IT Security – Computer, Network & Data

Gear 3 will assess your security needs and create a plan to keep you protected. Whether you are a standard business or if you are in a field that has strict compliance requirements, such finance or healthcare, we are the experienced partners you need.Gremlins_illustrator_klepto

There are many aspects to security and technology – whether it is on your computer, network, email, internet or even the physical security of your data.

Some of the security measures we offer are:

• Automated and Managed Anti-virus solutions. Why leave it up to human error?

• Email security – Read More

• Hardening and securing of your workstations

• Network security solutions – professional hardware, intrusion detection solutions, WIFI security, plus more

Security is a necessity in business technology and should not be taken lightly, a virus can wreak havoc on your business as well as your bottom line.


Please contact a Gear 3 representative for more information on securing your technology and your business.

Gear 3 also offer physical security implementations, such as security cameras and door access solutions. Read More