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Virus Alert – CryptoLocker is Spreading

Warning to all Gear 3 clients – CryptoLocker is a new breed of viruses called ransomware and is not only a serious threat but spreading rapidly. This virus is a very harmful is we are seeing it more frequently.  The virus spreads primarily via email attachments but can also come through other avenues and phishing scams.

Once infected with CryptoLocker, a computer receives instructions to encrypt any file it has access to, including files saved on servers to which the workstation has access.  The infection and subsequent encryption process take place silently without user knowledge.  Once the encryption is complete, all encrypted files are unusable unless a ransom is paid to the virus author (which is unlikely to be effective and obviously not guaranteed) or you recover from backups.  

Please take the following precautions as steps to avoid Cryptolocker:

  • Do not open suspicious email attachments.
  • Do not open links inside unexpected emails.  Such messages may appear to be from a network scanner, “Customer Support”, Fedex, UPS, DHS or a bank.
  • If you suspect that a computer has become infected, disconnect it from the network immediately and then call the Gear3 at 609-252-1155.

Please make sure your virus software has the latest definitions/updates and your backup is running and there are more than one backup revision on hand, as one could potentially backup the encrypted files and then would be at further loss. It is best practice to have a Disaster Recovery plan in place and to not only make sure your backup is running but also test your backup to ensure these backed up files are clean and not corrupted.

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IMPORTANT: Understand this virus not only has the ability to render all files on your computer useless, but also files on your company’s file server unusable too! All of this if from a single computer becoming infected.


Please be aware of this threat and be extra careful!


Gear 3 Support Team

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